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Under a Silver Moon (Childs Prey, #3) Barbara Sheridan

Under a Silver Moon (Childs Prey, #3)

Barbara Sheridan

Kindle Edition
187 pages
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 About the Book 

Series: ChildsPrey- Next Book: Secret MoonGenre: BBW Multicultural Erotic ContemporaryImai Shimizu is the lead singer for the Japanese rock sensation, ChildsPrey. Handsome, talented and never lacking in would-be lovers, the spoiled star hits an unexpected -- and painful -- stumbling block just before a major solo tour: he breaks his leg. Stuck in a cast at home, Imai doesnt take to any of the nurses hired to help with his healthcare and none of them can stand his attitude either. When single mom and RN Kim Donovan accepts the job as Imais live-in care provider, the stubborn singer meets his match. In and out of the bedroom.The L.A. native quickly adapts to the fast-paced, glam-filled music world of Tokyo, and Kim doesnt put up with Imais attitude. Shes no star-struck fangirl or a vapid stick-figure supermodel, but a woman who can hold her own. Though Imai tests her patience at times, the real problem is controlling her own attraction to the sexy-as-sin younger rocker. Kim wont have to hold out for long though. Not when Imai finds his attraction for her raging out of control too.As if their careers and cultures dont challenge them enough, an obsessive record label executive with a stalker-level crush wants Imai for herself, and shell stop at nothing to get him.Publishers Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: violence.