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Sanctum Angels Shadow Havens Book 1 Edenmary Black

Sanctum Angels Shadow Havens Book 1

Edenmary Black

Published January 3rd 2012
Kindle Edition
228 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Warning: The following work contains descriptive material and scenes of explicit sexual encounters between consenting male and female adults. It is intended for adult readers only.When Priana Grey walks into a bank, she isnt expecting to be taken hostage by a violent thief- nor, is she expecting Detective Joe Cafaris to offer his life for hers. The stepdaughter of fallen angels of the Sanctum, she has concealed her true nature to move among humans for years, but Joes courage astounds her. Although she knows that falling in love with a human is a disaster, she just cant ignore what she feels.Joe is a tough loner, cool in the most dangerous situations, but hes not ready for the scorching desire he feels for Priana. He has a million logical reasons to walk away, but his heart wants something else.Prianas stepbrother, Keirc, warns that shell find only misery with Joe, yet he guards a perilous secret of his own. His lover, Iridea, is the daughter of Sebastien Galaurus, a ruthless vampire who leads the Demesne, a powerful supernatural haven quite unlike the Sanctum.When a stunning crisis forces Priana into the heart of the Demesne, a maelstrom explodes in the shadow of supernatural havens on the brink of war, where fallen angels, vampires, weres and daemons call the shots and humans are viewed as critically frail - a place where men and supernaturals can die.Approximately 83,000 words.This ebook contains an excerpt from Sanctum WarriorsShadow Havens Book 2 .