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Marco Polon matkatoveri Louise Andrews Kent

Marco Polon matkatoveri

Louise Andrews Kent

Published 1950
258 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I remember reading this book, and many others like it (they all seemed to start with He went with...) when I was in about Gr. 5-8. I always put myself in the shoes of the character who went along on some famous exploration or voyage or adventure, and longed to do the same some day, when the opportunity arose, as it surely would. Mostly, I longed to be a boy so that I could do all those things, and it was a constant source of irritation & sometimes rage that my brothers & my closest cousins (all male), especially my best buddy Rob (also an avid reader) seemed to be allowed to do a lot more things than I was. That was in the 1960s, and there werent many books (at least, I never found them) with strong female characters- thankfully, there were lots when my own daughters started reading, and many more have been written since. I dont remember other girls reading these, they all seemed to stick to Nancy Drew & Little House on the Prairie.